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Hello, welcome to my world... boring huh? Well I don't care, I'm a boring minimalist kind of person. Anyway if your here, I either know you, or you have way to much time on your hands (or both). The only thing I really have is a Whole site dedicated to Love in Limbo, an Australian film made in the early 90's. So get out of here! Either look up MY site, the only site on the WHOLE INTERNET dedicated to Love in Limbo, or go and find some porn... Oh, and if you were actually in this movie... Sorry!

MadDog's Love In Limbo Web Site

Go on... Bugger Off! Why are you still hanging around and reading this? Are you mad? This stuff is so boring I kept falling asleep, so it took me six months to write it! Imagine how long it took me to write the other words! So run... Now! Before it's too late!!!!!!! AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

This guy walks into a bar, and he sees a lion.
He goes up to the lion and asks if it wants to dance.
The lion says "Yes, but could you stop stepping on my tail?"
The man says "Oh, but I like chasing tail."
The lion goes "But your not chasing my tail, only standing on it."
The man says "Yea, but some tail stood me up last night and now I'm seeking revenge!"
Needless to say, the man was eaten.
The moral of the story?
If you go out at night,
Light a red light,
Then you can see all of my glory.
If your still here,
Then send out a cheer,
And that's what you call a good roar... y (Damn)